Shipping policy

To ensure your items arrive fresh and in optimal condition, we take great pride in offering the highest quality shipping service to our customers.

Please be aware that during major holidays and weekends, shipping times may experience slight delays. However, we are committed to processing and shipping your order within 1-2 days of receipt.

All items in your order comply with the NYSDOCCS #4911A directives, guaranteeing that the products you receive meet the required standards. If you need to refuse or dispose of any item, please obtain an Authorization of Disposal Form from the package room. This form must be signed by the officer to receive credit for returned perishable items.

We encourage you to contact our Customer Care Team for any issues with your package or items. Our highly trained team is equipped to address your concerns swiftly and effectively. Please reach out to us before escalating the issue to your package room, so we can assist you in finding a satisfactory solution.

For added reassurance, we offer delivery confirmation upon request. This service allows you to track your package and ensure its safe arrival. Keep in mind that food items are calculated by weight with a maximum limit of 40 lbs. The weight of clothing and non-food items should also be included in the total package weight.

Note that non-food items are not counted towards the food package weight limit set by NYSDOCCS.

Rest assured, your packages are shipped in insulated packaging and are cooled to maintain the freshness and quality of your items. Our goal is to provide the best shipping experience possible, ensuring that your order arrives in pristine condition.

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